Chaco Doors 1

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Chaco Canyon NM – March 2008

This was my second time in Chaco.  This time, my wife and I spent several days learning about the history of this Anasazi gathering place.  I have been to a lot of places but no place has been caught my imagination like Chaco.  This place is by far the most fascinating place I have been to.

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1 review for Chaco Doors 1

  1. Ricky Allred

    What Chaco Canyon was able to do for your fascination, you have more than returned in kind with these magnificent photographs and images. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything quite like them before now. I believe you are one of the more dynamic photographers who’s work I’ve had the good fortune of coming across. In fact, could it be possible that I am as fascinated by your work at large, as you were the subject of your work? Perhaps. Amazingly well done, Sir, on all of it.
    Ricky A. Allred

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